Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Step Ball Change - Jeanne Ray

Category: Books

Genre: Family & Relationships

Author: Jeanne Ray

Review and Overview of Step Ball Change by Jeanne Ray.

The narrator of the book named Caroline or sometimes called Minnie is 62 married to a lawyer(PD) named Tom and she happens to own a dance studio. Caroline loves dancing because for her it's the love of her life. She loves to teach dancing and loves to see the kids(she teaches) squeal with delight whenever they see her. Step Ball Change is a tap dancing step.

Caroline's daughter is about to marry the richest man in Raleigh named Trey Bennett and the couple Caroline and Tom are fretting about whose to pay half of the supposedly big wedding with 1000 guests. Imagine that! Caroline and Tom are not rich and their house is in danger of collapsing any day.

On the same night that Caroline learned about Kay marrying Trey she learns that her sister Henrietta or "taffy" is about to divorce her husband and she's coming over to stay with her. Caroline and Taffy are not close sisters, they always see each other as a competition when they were kids at least that's how Taffy sees her sister.

It's a great story about family and sisterhood. I had fun reading it because it's also humorous and a very light read. A charmer and a nice mix of characters, from lawyers to dancers, both black and white. Very very nice story.A charmer.

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