Sunday, August 26, 2007

Angel in Black - Max Allan Collins

Category: Books

Genre: Murder Mystery

Author: Max Allan Collins

Overview and Review of the book Angel In Black by Max Allan Collins.

This is a Nate Heller case, a work of fiction by Max Allan Collins. Although, this book was based on facts and most characters are real but the real reason for the murder still remains a mystery.

This is about the infamous "Black Dahlia" case. A beautiful young girl named Elizabeth Short that ended up getting cut in half at a vacant parking lot. They called her the Black Dahlia. Nathan Heller with Fowley a reporter were the ones to be the first to arrive at the parking lot where Elizabeth Short ended up dead. It was a coincidence that Nate Heller knew her as well personally, but revealing their relationship might just end up of him being a suspect.

Basically, I really find it repulsive they way the girl was killed and all because it was detailed.... but I really like the twist and turns of the book... although the characters in the story specially the "mob tree" was quite confusing. Lots of names and all that.

All in all it was pretty intriguing... just gory.

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