Friday, August 17, 2007

Sweet Valley High - #103 - Operation Love Match

Category: Books Genre: Teenage Series Created by: Francine Pascals

Overview and review of Operation Love Match Series #103 from Sweet Valley High.

This is book three of the sizzling three-part miniseries(#102 - Boyfriend War and #103 - Almost Married).

Mercury is in retrograde or so what Jessica and her friends believed, that's why her plans are backfiring against her.

Bruce Patman's parents Henry and Marie Patman are about to get a divorce, and Bruce is desperate to get both his parents back together. So, Bruce turns on Elizabeth and Jessica and makes them promise to help him.

Jessica reads in her horoscope that everything in her life might just go wrong, and sure enough everything backfires. Bruce then begins to wish that Jessica was never included in their plan.

Very funny as usual. kind of predictable but nevertheless entertaining... and a humorous read.

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