Friday, June 1, 2007

Watch Bands

Got a thing for stylish watch bands and watch straps? Specially, ones that came from a very prominent brand.

Watch Bands . biz is the website for you! is the global leader for replacing bands for your high-end and luxury watches, featuring HIRSCH (HIRSCH has from the very beginning been the specialist in the handling of leather and the combining of leather with other fine materials.), StrapCulture and other premium brands. In stock: over 5,000 quality watch straps.

Check the site out and add style to your watch!

They have different leather bands. They have bijou leather straps, and when I checked them I kind of like the one named Argent which is a genuine crocodile skin and with a silver buckle. It comes in black, brown, beige and if you want two colors they have the beige and brown as well.

When I browsed their Alligator straps.... my eye fell into one of these designs which my dad would probably like. The one named Bionic which is a genuine Louisiana Alligator which comes in three different colors, black matte, auburn matte and medium brown matte.

For those who like lizard straps, check the site out since they have lizard straps available as well. I like the Genua, which came from a genuine lizard. It is padded and shiny that comes in three different colors, black, brown and blue.

Do you have a thing for ostrich skins? Well, they have ostrich straps for you! They have three different styles available for you. The Classico, Ostrich and Genuine Ostrich.

They also have shark straps! Wow. Now, that's cool. I particularly like the Sport Shark Style which comes in different colors, royal blue, violet, burgundy and green. They also have other three different styles available the Ocean, Chrono Shark and Shark.

But, if calfskin straps is more your type, they have 24 different styles available. I like the patent leather style they have, the one in red. Hmm or white? or the black? Ahh.. whichever it is. The patent leather style is sure my type!

Hirsch also have a Nature collection. With its Nature Collection, they have created and achieved a symbiosis of materials, elements and the personality of the wearer.

Worried over allergies? Fret not. Hirsch have the No Allergy Straps Collection just for you!

Were the collection too oldie for you and pretty much not casual? Are you a teenager? I am sure you would love their Fashion Collection! I really like the variety of colors available for Magic from their Catwalk Edition. They have orange, pink, light green, red, black, white and ice blue! I also like elegant parallel shape of the Fashion Style which comes in different colors (petrol, raspberry, lilac, white, metallic pink, metallic gray and metallic green). From their Classic Edition... I like the Cordette(calfskin, jewel cord band), Cleopatra(genuine lizard), Princess(calfskin, alligator grain), Milano(fabric upper, velvet lining) and Ypsilon(Fabric upper, patent leather).

Other collections available: Leonardo, Corvette (which I really like specially the Golf Style!!!) Open End Straps, Breitling, Swatch, and Panerai (from Strap Culture).

If it's Metal bands you like, they have various collections too: Stainless, Solid, Folded, Mesh, PVD, Expansion, and Titanium.

They also have synthetic bands: Rubber, Silicon, NATO, and Velcro.

Guess, I am just so excited and gave out a much lengthy review. But, their designs, styles and collections are just so unique... I just have to talk much about it! Go check it out! :)

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