Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr. Bean's Holiday - 2007

Category: Movies

Genre: Comedy

Director: Steve Bendelack

Tagline: Disaster is a small step away

Review and Overview of Mr. Bean's Holiday directed by Steve Bendelack

In this movie, the first scene was a church raffle where of course before he won there would be a mild case of "stupidity". He won a trip to Cannes and a camcorder and a 200.

The whole movie focuses on Mr. Bean's difficulty (as usual) to try new things out and making us laugh. The language barrier proved to be all the more difficult for Mr. bean to communicate.

I was never a fan of Mr. Bean, but this movie just kind of entertained me. It was good but of course not THAT great.... but it's very entertaining and would leave a good laugh.

There were a couple of scenes that I really found funny. Some scenes were korny but hey, Mr. Bean is all about that, you know. Hehe.

Conclusion: The Sony Handycam DCR-HC96 is a good buy (and in Mr. Bean's case a good prize) since it outlasted Mr. Bean's Holiday. Very durable. *laugh laugh*

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