Friday, June 1, 2007

Danish Butter Cookies

Category: Food

I have eaten and got to taste this butter cookie when I was 15. I think my mom got it when she went to the States.

While we were doing our grocery over at SM Supermarket I saw the same butter cookies that I really like… and I can still remember how it tastes like. Funny, that was the effect the cookie had on me.

It was not sweet or anything and not salty… it was buttery and it has a dose of vanilla as well which I really like.


I asked my mom if she can buy me one tin (and the tin is actually a good container for your memorabilia).

I’m sure I will try to let my mom buy me one again sometime this month or next month. It’s yum a great pair for myyyyy coffee and a good snack while I read a good book. :)

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vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi tina,

kung malapit lang sana tayo or the postage is not expensive, padalhan kita ng ganito, ....kaya lang mas mahal ang postage kay sa ipdala ko sa iyo....

someday, we will meet, bilhan na lang kita dyan, ok?