Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cold Sea Rising - Richard Moran

Category: Books
Genre: Adventure & Nature
Author: Richard Moran

Richard Moran has a good writing style minus the high falluting words. You can understand how each scene is being described right away. Your imagination fires up. A fast read because the words just flow easily and so you can read and finish fast.

A page-turner and it fills you with suspense as each event unfolds.

Here is the sitch: A massive volcano from the land at the bottom of the Earth has cut loose the ROSS ICE SHELF the size of Spain. Imagine, a floating berg the size of Spain and it drifts to warmer places and it would melt and the estimated rise of sea level would be twenty point six feet, which would drown all the ports of the world.

When Russians learned about this, the Russian defense minister named Savin suggested that they take over the Ross Ice Shelf that is drifting and have a floating harbour that would make everyone fall under them. The General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet named Romanov (the leader of Russia) did not agree to this but he was overtaken by the Presidium to make it possible. Savin is a power greedy person, prepared to make others die for his cause, for Russia to be on top.

The U.S. learned about this and another political underdog, the security adviser of the President of the U.S. manipulated and reasoned to the President that the only way was to give out a “leak” to the New York Times that they will use their laser weapons that could turn all the 5,000 Mongolian/Russian soldiers into ashes once they started the descend at the ROSS Ice Shelf.

When the whole world learned about this… every country thought it was the end of the world. Old issues were renewed. Old fights were triggered. The two superpowers (US and Russia) were like declaring war, and everyone thought it’s world war three starting. Sudden outbreak of brush fires from Africa to Indonesia. The laser threat had the world believing that it’s the end of the world and that man is on the edge of Armageddon. The feeling of scores of countries would be “The end is near. It’s time to settle scores once and for all.”.

South African guerillas under Nukomo are preapring to cross the border of Botswana and march on Pretoria. Radio Indonesia has announced renewd insurgent attacks against several cities and military posts on its outer islands. In South America gunboat fire has been exchanged between Chile and Argentina over those islands they’re claiming at the tip of the continent.

It actually mentions the Philippines. In this story the Philippines gets hit by a Tsunami wave caused by a nuclear that was released by a Russian submarine named Mezen. Actually it’s not just a Tsunami it’s a 280 foot wall of radioactive water. Rawr. Russians.

The Philippine government had declared a state of emergency and ordered it’s citizens to evacuate the vulnerable shores from Mindanao to Luzon.

Although the back of the Tsunami had been broken against the shores of New Guinea, an immense surge of radioactive meltwater continued to wash north toward the Philippines, China, and Japan.

For almost an hour McCoy conducted radiophone interviews with government disaster directors in Manila, Singapore, and Tokyo.

*when the crisis was over and everything was resolved by Rankin and McCoy underwater the whole West rejoiced and stooped evacuating but…*

The broadcasts from Shanghai, Sydney and Manila were far more somber as the monitor showed the devastation wrought by the Antarctic Tsunami.

It’s actually a good book. But I don’t like the part when Melissa died to get her work underwater because she left it. I want Melissa and Josh to be reunited and not some Ukranian woman named Anya be the one who ended up with Josh. Oh well, it’s not my story. It’s Richard Moran’s.

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