Sunday, June 3, 2007

Birth of an American Family - Geoffrey Moehl II

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Author: Geoffrey Moehl II

This is a true story that was experienced first-hand and was seen through the eyes of an English tutor to two Russian refugee families. While reading the book, you would learn a lot about Russian culture, specially when the author just met them. You would come to know more about them and of course as to what they feel as a "refugee".

In his story he persevered to support the two Russian families in settling and teaching English even when the translator left.

He said: "Vast discrepancies exist between ideal circumstances and reality."

Which is true, and he did not let it happen this time.

It tells a lot about the dillema of every refugee and how much they needed a lot of emotional support as well as financial ones. It also tells about how hard it is for them to look for work and all that.

I hope there are a lot of people with Mr. Moehl's perseverance to serve, support and assist refugees. It is a very noble thing to do. And I know how one feels when one is in a foreign country, how much more living in it?

A very good example of doing more THAN what you ought to do. Here, you would see how it pays to do more that what you are supposed to do.

This is a very inspiring story that would touch your heart and this one would be very useful to ESL teachers and to those who supports refugee families while they adapt the American life. It's really a great read.

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Email Avenger! said...

Unfortunately Geoffery Moehl II also spams people's blogs with advertisements for his books, leaving comments that have nothing to do with the book itself, but rather just some reviewer's quote and a link to his sales site.

It's called comment spam, and it's not appropriate. Someone should tell him.