Monday, June 25, 2007

A Place of Execution - Val McDermid

Category: Books Genre: Mystery Author: Val McDermid
A review and overview of A Place of Execution by Val McDermid.

This is absolutely one of the best mystery books I've read! Really!!!

A thirteen-year old Alison Carter vanishes from an isolated village in an English countryside. Before she vanished, two other kids close to her age vanished nearby as well.

Inspector George Bennett a newly promoted officer was assigned to solve the case and he was so determined to find answers. A murder case without a body and with a lot of dead-ends along the way.

35 years later when George Bennett told his story about the case to a journalist named Catherine and when the book was about to be published, George asked Catherine not to print the book because he found out something that would probably shake a lot of lives.

I figured out what could have possibly happen but I never got the whole concept. Veryy Veryyyy goooood!!!

The ending is one a reader would not expect, and you wouldn't want to put down the book until you really found out what happened and all. Very extraordinary story with an extraordinary ending that would really leave you thinking.

Wonderfully told, rich with deception, a very absorbing book with tension.

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CM said...

Hmm.. It looks interesting! In fact, I added it to my must-buy list. Haha! :)