Saturday, June 9, 2007

#9 Evil Elizabeth - Super Chiller - Francine Pascals

Overview and Review of Evil Elizabeth Sweet Valley Twin's Super Chiller #9 created by Francine Pascal

Category: Books

Genre: Horror

Created by: Francine Pascal

It's Halloween and Elizabeth's looking for the perfect costume for it. She wanted to join costume with Jessica but Jessica doesn't want too. Then, she planned to have the same costumes with Amy and Maria in which the two readily agreed. But, then one night Elizabeth passed by the Old Luna Place (shack), and met a dog with an orange face carrying a grotesque mask. Elizabeth picked it up and was amused by it.

Little did she know the mask possessed an evil power. Anyone who wears it will turn evil and do nasty things.... until one day he/she will be evil without wearing it since the mask consumed him/her.

It's up to Jessica and Steven to save their sister!

It's a nice "teenie" book. I'm sure if I was a teenager I would've enjoyed it lots, since I really love the Sweet Valley Characters and their adventures.

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