Friday, June 29, 2007

Masquerade - William X. Kienzle

Category : Books

Genre: Mystery

Author: William X. Kienzle

Overview and Review of Masquerade by William X. Kienzle.

Four mystery writers were invited to speak at Marygrove College at a mystery writers' conference composed of a nun, rabbi, monk and an Episcopal priest. All four loathed the featured televangelist Reverend Klaus Krieg who is also a publisher.

Since this is a Father Koesler mystery, he was also part of the said conference, even though he is not a mystery writer his experience with a few homicide cases would prove to be useful.

But, then a murder took place and Father Koesler found himself getting involved solving the case.

I was attracted with both the title and the cover. But then, I think I found the story quite boring. I really HAD A HARD TIME finishing it.

It has a lot of details about religion and all the details about Pope which was I think a bit unnecessary and bored me. Or maybe it was just me who was tired?

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