Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sigma Protocol - Robert Ludlum

Category: Books

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Author: Robert Ludlum.

This was the last book written solely by Robert Ludlum. This book is based on The Bilderberg Group.

This is about the son of a Holocaust survivor, named Ben,jamin Hartman who was vacationing at Switzerland years after his twin brother Peter died. Ben Hartman met his long time friend in college Jimmy Cavanaugh - who tries to kill him on a crowded Zurich street. From there a series of killings have followed and Ben was advised by the Swiss police to never again set foot in Switzerland since he is already marked.

Ben’s curiosity through the series of strange events led him to finding out about an elite group who secretly formed an alliance of some sort called SIGMA. (the Bilderberg Group)

On the other hand Anna Navarro a Justice Department agent was assigned to investigate about the series of deaths of prominent people. Which led Anna Navarro to Ben Hartman and together they are both set to find out about the secrets behind the Sigma.

It’s a fast-pace thriller and a very engrossing story. I love the twists, the mysteries, the deep mosaic. The wheel within the wheel kind of story. I’m sure people who loves conspiracy theories, and deep mysteries involving people of the history would love this. Great. GReat. great. This book made me cry in the end as well. T_T. A must-read.

Mentions Philippine’s First Lady Imelda Marcos. Jack Hampton to Anna Navarro

Jack Hampton: “Word has it you’re some primo villainess the way I’ve heard you described, it’s like you’re a combination of Ma Barker and Mata Hari with the wardrobe of Imelda Marcos”


I fight for justice and in the fight for justice you must be able to distinguish between the venial and the venal, between the ordinary and out sized wrongdoing. Make no mistake: hardship brings out the best in no one.

And after the dawn of nuclear science - my God, what couldn’t we achieve if we set our minds to it ? - Chardin


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bonniefazzyoo | | IP:

naalala ko tuloy si jason charles bourne, best suspense thriller trilogy na nabasa ko. natapos nya ba yung book na ito or someone else finished it?

Apr 23, 12:41 PM —

Anonymous said...

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may nabasa ka na bang work ni stephen king o kaya ni erich segal?

Apr 23, 7:41 PM —

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Elaine | |

Ah, I love your blog! :D It’s very neat.

I have read only one book by Robert Ludlum and didn’t know he was popular or that some of his books were filmed. But I thought he was a good writer. The title of the book I read was The Hades Factor. It was part of the Covert One series. I really liked it. :)

Apr 24, 4:08 AM

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avydoovy |

psst, pwede ba daw na hiramon sa akong mama. hehe

Apr 24, 5:39 AM