Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ang Cute ng Ina Mo - 2007

Category: Movie Genre: Comedy

Directed by: Wenn Deramas

Story: Mel del Rosario

Producer: ABS-CBN Film Productions, Viva Films

Cast: Ai ai de las Alas, Anne Curtis, Luis Manzano, Eugene Domingo, DJ Durano, John Lapus, Nikki Bacolod,

Georgia (Aiai de las Alas) was supposed to go to Australia with his husband Jack and baby daughter Christine but was unfortunately left by the plane. Georgia tried her best to go to Australia alone but whenever she gets her Australian visa a series of unfortunate events accompanies her. Jack was furious and never spoke to her for years and Georgia never got the chance to see Jack and her baby Christine.

Years later, Jack declared to his daughter Christine(Anne Curtis) she wants to marry the love of his life, Georgia. Christine can think of 101 reasons why her dad must not marry her mom. Christine told her father that she will visit the Philippines and find out whether Georgia is worthy of his love.

If you are a person who laughs at the slightest funny move, this is the movie for you, but if you are looking for a “story” and you are a serious person… this is not for you.

Some of the jokes in their conversations are pretty old and very “predictable”, since you know them…. like

Christine: What’s your favorite color?

Georgia: Fuchsia

Christine: *laughs* spell fuchsia

Georgia: *thinks* ayy pwede red na lang?

I like Sweet’s role…. and Eugene’s role as well.

It’s a funny family movie, yes. It’s Aiai for crying out loud… but I guess they went overboard with the effects and it lacked hilarious punch lines for others.

I watched it with my family…. and my mom wasn’t thrilled, she told me she laughed 3times, but she cried once. I asked her out of 5 what would be her rating? She said 2. My dad said 1.

I’m much nicer… I’m giving it 2 and a half… after all it made me laugh a few times even though it was really korny. Yes, yes it’s a korny movie and it lacked story…

and a HALF (will edit when I have a “half star”).


Vicki said...
just the same with the story about a mom and a daughter, which she´s studying a Nurse......

when anybody asked what did your daughter take-study....the mother answer "Nar"......then the daughter says, to her mom....pls, put S mom...

so the mom says....NAR-S

Anonymous said...

Cat |

I agree, just watching the trailer is predictable. I guess, watching it on the big screen is not worth it, maybe in boob tube puede pa:)

Apr 16, 2:19 AM

Anonymous said...

jsonv | |
di ko pa napapanood! pero sabi nga daw maganda at nakakatuwa!

Apr 16, 3:27 AM

Anonymous said...

ghee | |

ang ganda nga raw ng Cute Ng Ina Mo,hindi ko binasa lahat kasi gusto kong panoorin yan :)

cute ng blog mong to,Tina :)

Apr 16, 4:57 AM

Anonymous said...

iskoo | |

mukhang maganda, matatapatan kaya yung kita ng movie nila dati na Tanging Ina?

Apr 16, 4:15 PM

Anonymous said...

mats | |

i wanna watch this!!! i swear! last week pa!

Apr 19, 6:57 AM —

Anonymous said...

merial | yahoo | IP:

great story, you would learn a lot moral lessons in this movie

Apr 22, 10:28 AM —

Anonymous said...

jessire | |

im very happy because i watch cute ng ina mo is the great story pang laban sa gma, about me may napansin ako kaya ako napaiyak dahil kay anne curtis i was shock nang malaman kong marunong palang mag crying ladies itong si ai de las alas. hindi nga kami sa cine nanood may cd naman kami

Apr 28, 4:43 AM —

Anonymous said...

giada | |

ang ganda talaga ng cute ng ina mo

Apr 28, 4:57 AM —

Anonymous said...

glendalyn | | |

hi! um glendalyn flores tiga kusot ako or tiga penafrancia paco ang ganda ng cute ng ina mo

Apr 28, 9:35 AM —