Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lachi's - Davao

Category: Restaurant

It’s a small diner or snack place located at Marfori, Davao City.

It’s usually full and many people go in and out from the store.

It has my favorite dessert - cakes of all kinds! Wooo.

It’s carrot cake is yummmmm… It could probably compete with Hotel Galleria’s carrot cake.

Their Choco-Vanilla Cheese cake is uber yummy! I wanna go try it again. :)

*slurp slurp*

The next cake is bigger than the cheesecake but I forgot it’s name… it’s also yummy (but I like the choco vanilla cheese cake better). I’m a sucker for cheese….. that’s why.

Cons: Small place, limited seats…. and lots of people going in and out. Better settle for take out.

Lachi’s is the perfect dessert stop this summer.

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Vicki said...

ang sarap naman..........i like cakes too, esp. fruit cake......or with double cream cake....forget the figure as long i eat what i want to

thanks for sharing........