Saturday, April 7, 2007

Minority Report 2002

OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of Minority Report

Category: Movies Genre: Sci-Fi Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Tagline: The Future Can Be Seen. Murder Can be Prevented. The Guilty Punished Before the Crime is Committed. The System is Perfect. It’s Never Wrong. Until It Comes After You.

I know this was shown 5 years ago… but I only got the chance to watch it today.

A sci-fi film based on a short story with the same title by Philip K. Dick, set in Washington D.C., year 2054 where there is a special police crime department called “Pre-Crime”, which prevents murders from happening through the efforts of three psychics or genetically-altered humans called “pre-cogs”.

For years, DC had trouble over crimes and when the system(Pre-crime) was enforced, the crime rate went down to 90%. The system worked perfectly.. there hasn’t been a murder for 6 years..

These pre-cogs relate only the time and date of the murder, the murderer’s and the victim’s name. The rest of the facts and clues would be from the vision

It’s actually a great movie….I like the message of the movie…

Even if you know your future… you can always change it. Just like in dreams.. dreams are warnings.. or they show us what will happen… but with a certain shifting of emotions or choices… you can change it.


sherma said...

dapat, papanoorin ko before ang movie na 'to... but inayawan ni mama at isinoli na agad yung dvd! masyado raw kasing advance... hehehe...

tina said...

imtheotherdave | | IP:

I don’t know. I think I see this film as somewhere between the bilge of I, Robot and the greatness of Blade Runner. It doesn;t know whether to be a philospophical movie or an out-and-out popcorn flick.

Love your star rating idea, don’t blame me if I copy it!!!

Apr 9, 11:47 AM

Anonymous said...

REX | |

I watched this with my sister in the threatres. And I agree, it was a good movie. The whole pre-crime idea very new at that time, which made it very interesting. :)

Apr 10, 4:04 PM —

Anonymous said...

rayb | |

Bearing in mind what normally happens with the films of PKD’s stories (see the new Nic Cage film “Next” for an example), this is remarkably faithful. I very much enjoyed this film and am a fan of the story.

Apr 21, 10:13 PM