Thursday, March 27, 2008

Web Hosting Guide

One of my hosted websites today can't access the database. Something is wrong with it's hosting.

Anyhow it's so great and quite fitting to chance upon a blog post that pretty much tells you his top 3 best web hosting Company.

Kaushal Sheth experienced a black out with his former host and that prompted him to look for a much more reliable one, because, blogger's always want their blog to be up 24/7 and for the convenience of the readers. And in Kaushal's case he creates wordpress themes and I'm sure there are a lot of readers who gets updates of his latest themes.

A good hosting must have backups in stored in case anything happens. Service is also a plus and of course when they go in cheap (but even if it's expensive, just as long as the SERVICE is good that's alright). And part of the service is the backup and support.

Kaushal Sheth that's one helpful post you got! Thank You, I might consider the three.

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