Sunday, March 2, 2008

SVT #54 - The Big Party Weekend

Category: Books

Genre: Teenage Series

Creator: Francine Pascals

Overview and Review of Sweet Valley Twins and Friends # 54 The Big Party Weekend created by Francine Pascals.

Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield (Steven, Elizabeth & Jessica's parents) are on vacation in Mexico for five days. Steven, Elizabeth and Jessica planned to have the biggest party for the weekend with their friends. That was, before they found out that they would encounter, the world's meanest baby-sitter - May Brown.

But the Wakefield kids are determined to throw the party during the weekend, with great food and their friends - with no adults. They make a plan they copied from a soap opera to get May out of the house.

Entertaining and nice ending - as usual. Good for kids ages 9-14.

If I am in my teenies stage... I would enjoy reading this. So I'm giving it a 3.

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