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Dreamboy - 2005

Category: Movies

Genre: Love

Director: Gilbert Perez

Writer: Katski Flores
*the writer of Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay a.k.a. The Long Wait in Kenya.*

Overview and review of Dreamboy directed by Gilbert Perez.

The title itself is very cheesy. I was shaking my head when I saw the trailer and stereotyped it as "another-cheesy-movie".

It's about a girl next door named Cyd (Bea Alonzo)who loves to read love stories and pocketbooks, she works at a "supermarket". She believes in soulmates and destinies. Cyd in this story would meet three look-alike's leading three personalities: Philip, Eboy and Jaime.

Now, I don't have to divulge any information about how it ended or how it really went because it would spoil everything. This is one type of movie wherein if you don't know how it goes and let the story unravel before you, you would like it, but if you have an idea about what it is about you would be disappointed. But of course, you could see other reviews and some spoilers online which is one thing you can't escape.

The transition of the story got my curiosity. *I really had no idea how the story goes and it sure helps not to know the story beforehand, because it would ruin everything and you would end up disappointed* A lot of questions would arise. The tandem sure was nice. I wasn't sure it would really be nice because of Piolo and Bea's age gap but their characters suited them well here. You would prolly figure out everything before it ended but the concept is still somewhat unique.

Lines I like:

Eboy: Naalala mo pa ba si Philip? Bea: Anong gusto mong sagot? Yung totoo o yung tamang sagot? Eboy: Kung ano ang totoo yun ang tamang sagot.

Eboy: Do you still remember Philip?
Bea: What answer do you want? The truth? or the Right answer?
Eboy: The truth is always the right answer.

There were a few good lines but I lost track of them *sigh* Oh well.

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