Monday, March 3, 2008

Capital Fortune

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Nowadays, as more and more students take colleges that are far away from their home, college students finds it laborious in having to secure an affordable, good quality housing, that fits a college student and rental costs that they can easily afford.

An article from Earth.Co.Uk talks about a new scheme from Capital Fortune.

Capital Fortune was said to encourage students to get onto the property ladder that is being launched. ( By the way, Capital Fortune is an independent mortgage advisory firm.)

Rob Killeen, the managing director of Capital Fortune, said:

"Students are facing ever-increasing difficulty in securing affordable, good quality housing and rental costs in student towns are spiraling."

What's the benefit of the new program?

The new products would then allow the students to buy their own property and thus provide "suitable and comfortable accommodation to their fellow house sharers". Clients can buy a property to share it with fellow students during their time and stay in the university. This buy-to-rent student mortgage will then be rolled out nationally at various student campuses and the Capital Fortune is claiming that the scheme is innovative as it will give people the push needed to get onto the property ladder.

And true enough, this sure is one of the most innovative mortgages, I've heard or read of recently. It helps the college students and eliminates the worry and time of having to look for proper housings during their stay at a certain university.

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