Saturday, March 22, 2008

Way Past Cool - Jess Mowry

Category: Books

Genre: Young-Adult

Author: Jess Mowry

Fact: Already a movie.

Overview and Review of Way Past Cool by Jess Mowry

First Sentence:
"Gordon! GUN!" screamed Curtis, diving off his skateboard onto trash-covered concrete.

Word! Yo, dude!

This book is set on "Oaktown" which is Oakland, California and very much about young African-American teens ages 12-13 are struggling to survive in their town. Two (2) rival gangs, The Friends and The Crew are living in a strict code of honor and a set of rules. Both gang having leaders, Gordon (The Friends) and Wesley (The Crew) which tries to bring order into their own territory and delegate duties. One, 16 year old dealer named Deek tried to place The Friends and The Crew against each other by hiring two Bakersfield guys to ambush them on separate accounts. These guys are living wayyyy past bad. Deek's bodyguard named Ty would play an important role in this story and of course also the "heart and magic boy" of the Friends named Lyon.

By the time, you finish this book, you would be all familiar to some ghetto language. It's actually a great story which a lot of kids that are into "gangs" would relate too. Although, the language - the ghetto language would get you all confused but that's pretty much because of the characters which uses the language. The book is not "preachy" but you could see it talks about "love" and the "magic in our hearts" and of course in believing. Great read.

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