Monday, March 10, 2008

Once in a Lifetime - Danielle Steel

Category: Books

Genre: Love

Author: Danielle Steel

Overview and Review of Danielle Steel's Once in a Lifetime.

This book is about a successful novelist (Daphne Fields) loved by many people. Her books inspires other people but her life as an author remains a mystery to many. Despite her success and being well-known in her field she remains humble. Not known to anyone who reads her book because she keeps her private life a secret, she lead a very hard, tough, devastating past.

Full of drama and all heartbreaking tragedies the lead lady, Daphne Fields endured. Although this time in her writing I could detect what's coming and what's going to happen before it really happens in the book in short it got predictable along the way. I like the way she weaved the story, it was more of a flashback this time which is unique. Steel's great when it comes to creating strong characters in her book. It's also informative when it comes to dealing with deaf kids. Novelists and Hollywood, Beverly Hills and New York are some of the things you'd find in this book. I like most of the lines by the characters which is a plus, you would actually learn a lot from them.

"Easy roads aren't always the best ones. We think they are, but look at the people you respect in life, they're usually the people who've made when the going wasn't easy, people who survived and grew from all the pain. The ones who have it easy don't have a hell of a lot going for them. It's the others, the ones who climb the mountains with their heads banged up and their faces scratched and their shins bleeding who're worth knowing. "

Fact: This was done as a TV-Movie too, you might want to watch it.


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