Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking Back - Belva Plain

Category: Books

Genre: Friendship

Author: Belva Plain

Overview and Review of Looking Back written by Belva Plain.

First Sentence in prologue: At a country inn on the coast of Maine, two men of a certain age, sitting on a porch chairs some distance apart, watched the swollen, olive-green Atlantic crash on the rocks below.

It started as two old men were watching the waves crashing at a country-inn in Maine. One told a story about the three women.

Classy and Elegant Cecil, Plain and Brainy Norma and Beautiful and Ambitious Amanda go back since college days. They were roommates and became fast friends. The three all share a bond and wonderful friendship with each other.

Amanda wanting to escape and to rise above where she came from marries Norma's brother Larry. Amanda would not want to be near him at first but she tried since he was just super kind and sweet to her. Thinking she couldn't find another man like him, she marries him. And so began a quite complicated beginning, thinking she could love Larry along the way.

An affair and a vitally important event, a devastating act of betrayal changes everything between father and son, friends, parents and children, husband and wives. In the following months and years to come - nothing would ever be the same.

This the first Belva Plain book I've read and according to all who read her they least like this book. They pretty much like the first few novels Belva Plain wrote. Anyway, least or not it's a kind of a unique story, since the friendship goes way back and then comes betrayal. And the betrayal that happened in the book can really happen in real life and all things in life and the way human acts is possible, even when you thought it is impossible or unfathomable.

It's a nice read but not quite that great...

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