Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Seventh Heaven - Alice Hoffman

Category: Books

Genre: Family & Friends

Author: Alice Hoffman

Overview and Review of the book entitled Seventh Heaven written by Alice Hoffman.

In this book, the author Alice Hoffman would take you to a suburban community and then explore what happens when a certain woman named Nora Silk comes to town with two kids named Billy and James with no father.

The community is the typical "conservative" community where everybody's pretty much doing the same thing. They all have identical houses and before the kids would get lost looking for their own home. If you are a first timer it would be hard to tell the houses apart.

Nora, on the other hand is one unique woman and caused the women in the community to talk about her and her nonexistent husband. And they all later figured out she was divorced. Just like a plague she was avoided by many and so is her son Billy. Billy gets bullied specially by his next door neighbor Stevie. Occasionally meeting and accidentally talking to Nora the people in the community begins to ask questions they never dared and ask and begin to find answers they never imagined.....

Alice sure is one great dreamy, storyteller with intriguing characters built in the story. She gives you lots of surprises along the way and every corner. A sparkling, entertaining end with a dazzling mix of ghosts, witchcraft and superstitions.

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