Monday, February 25, 2008

Dark Hollow - John Connolly

Category: Books

Genre: Mystery

Author: John Connolly

Overview and Review of Dark Hollow the author of the bestseller "Every Dead Thing" by John Connolly.

"Caleb Kyle, Caleb Kyle, when you see him run a mile."

A sequel to John Connolly's Every Dead Thing featuring Charlie "Bird" Parker .

Certain killing events followed one after another, the killings of a young woman named Rita Ferris with her son Donald at the hands of an unknown killer, and the past and present collided violently for Charlie Parker.

Charlie Parker has not yet overcome the death of her young wife Susan and daughter Jenny (Every Dead Thing), and with his return to Maine he reawakens the ghosts of his past, that actually forced him to join the hunt for Billy Purdue the ex-husband of Rita Ferris and the chief suspect for the slayings.

Charlie Parker does not believe that Billy killed his son and wife but to know the truth one must look for Billy. Charlie was not the only one who is looking for Billy, the Feds, the local police of Maine, and Tony Celli a mobman whom Billy owed is after him as well.

The search for who killed Rita Feris and among other brutal slaying led Charlie to a name Caleb Kyle. Caleb Kyle is a mythical killer in Dark Hollow. A myth and a bogeyman to most.

Very well-researched and you would have additional information and history to places he mentions. A dark, gruesome book and a lot of deaths surrounding the story. This is also a mix of some private eye mystery thriller and a bit of paranormal events. The last part gets better and it's not boring because it has humor interwoven in most parts. A disturbing because of all the ghosts and a brutal psychotic tale because of Caleb Kyle.

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