Friday, February 29, 2008

Disclosure - Michael Crichton

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Category: Books

Genre: Corporate

Author: Michael Crichton

Overview and Review of Disclosure by Michael Crichton.

*Already a Movie

A book that involves Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Title VII is a shattering case that would ruin a person's career and family.

This story involves Tom Sanders an up-and-coming executive at a a computer firm called DigiCom. Tom Sanders is a man whose corporate future is certain after working for about a decade in the company. Everybody in the company thought Tom Sanders would lead the AGP Division and would be deemed as Vice-President of the company, but they were wrong. A woman, named Meredith Johnson, Tom Sander's ex-lover back in Cupertino would be everybody's new boss.

After a closed-door meeting with Tom's new boss, Meredith - Sanders finds himself caught in a nightmare where he was branded as a villain.

Sanders tries to defend himself from the accusation, while doing so he unravels an electronic trail into the company's secrets.

At the afterword it says that this novel was based on a true story. But, it is also important to emphasize the fact that the story in it's present form is fiction. Because, all the information and necessary facts can be a risk to individuals and corporations involved, it was but necessary to disguise the real event with utmost care. All the principals in this case agreed to be interviewed with the understanding that their identification would not be revealed.

A clever, swell corporate-slash-techie-slash-law thriller. A modern technology with intrigue. Just like Robert Ludlum, Crichton sure knows how to keep the story moving, saving the best for last. This book shows that sexual harassment is not reserved for men on high positions but for women who can be at the top as well. I think, the book stresses the point that Harassment involves Power and thus it doesn't matter whether you are male or female. Anyone is capable.
Nice intriguing, informative and eye-opening book. I also love the techie jargon in this book. I still like his "Jurassic Park" novel better. Hehe.

Recommend: For people who loves "law and order" stories, "techie people", or for people who is into "corporate intrigue".

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