Thursday, February 7, 2008

Los Alamos - Joseph Kanon

Category: Books

Genre: Thriller

Author: Joseph Kanon

Overview and Review of Los Alamos by Joseph Kanon.

Manhattan Project. This story practically revolves around Los Alamos where a laboratory in a remote community of secretly constructed buildings called The Hill, the world's most brilliant minds gathered for a mission to coordinate the scientific research of the Manhattan Project, a project to create the world's first nuclear weapon. Individuals - including scientists living on the Hill are all registered as numbers and all have "numbers" assigned to them. No real name to be divulged outside.

One incident that would involve the Hill would change a few historical facts. A man named Karl Bruner was found dead in a park in Santa Fe. This incident brought Michael Connoly to investigate the murder of a security officer. Along the way Michael found himself sleeping with another man's wife and a dead man's bed.

Very easy to read. Love the good easy movie-like conversations in the book. Rewriting history was particularly what the ending keeps telling, giving you ideas how "history" can be altered, one part hidden and lots of parts made up. It also involves real people like J. Robert Oppenheimer (1943-1945) who is one of the lead role in the book or General Leslie Groves and events like The World War II and the Project Trinity (Alamogordo, New Mexico). A thrilling novel and a love story to boot. Amazing how he builds up his characters so well and to include real people and blend them into a novel is one good feat.

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