Monday, May 7, 2007

1st in Coffee

As Mother's Day draws near, every kid/teenager who wants to honor their mothers have been thinking of what to give their mom, just like me. I stumbled on a lot of websites having mother's day promos.

One site with such offer is 1st in Coffee. An On line retailer of top quality espresso machines and coffee makers and with free shipping if your order reaches $50 and more. If your mother is a coffee drinker just like mine, this is a great site for you to shop. Their Mother's Day Specials are available for their 1st class espresso machines that comes in different variety. They also have different coffee makers from top brands that most coffee lovers (like moi) would enjoy.

I will summarize their Mother's Day Specials.... Machines with Special Prices!

Example: Saeco Vienna Deluxe from their Super Automatics Coffee Centers category. It has a special price. From $660, you can get it for $599 and you can also request to have it gift wrapped for FREE!!. Perfect, for Mother's Day! Wait- there's more... along with it is a free coffee and of course the shipping is free! (2 year warranty).
More Super Special Prices for Super Automatics Coffee Centers: Saeco Vienna, Saeco Magic Comfort +, Saeco Royal Professional.

For their Espresso Machines: One espresso machine I like is this Francis Francis X1. It comes in different colors(Red, Blue, White, Black, Orange, Silver and Aqua Blue) and a retro-futuristic look designed by Luca Trazzi! From $799 to $699 dollars plus free Illy espresso pods and a free gift wrap! LOVELY!!!

More Espresso Machines with Super Special Prices: Capresso Espresso Classic Espresso Machine, Pasquini Livia Semi-Automatic, Pasquini Livia Automatic, Capresso Ultima, La Pavoni Europiccola 8 cup Espresso Machine, Pasquini Livia Auto-set Chrome, Pasquini Set Semi-Automatic, La Pavoni Romatica 8 Cup, La Pavoni Europicoola 8 Cup with Black Base, and Francis Francis X1 Stainless Steel.

I love frothy milk be added in my coffee, 1st in Coffee have their own retail milk frothers too. I want this Capresso Froth Express along with my coffee maker(if I get to have one) . Fortunately it is on sale. From $100 to $69.99! Yay!

They have a lot of Super Special Prices in other categories as well. I suggest you go visit their site and see for yourself.

Of course, a coffee maker would not be complete without it's main ingredient! Don't forget the coffee. 1st in Coffee don't just do retail top quality espresso machines, and coffee makers but they do retail COFFEE as well. They have Illy Coffee, Lavazza (Italy's number 1 coffee), San Giorgio, and Capresso. Just take your pick!

To assure you of it's quality, 1st in Coffee have their 30-Day Satisfaction guarantee. Return in for a full refund. To return an item, just contact them via phone and email. For complete information: Here.

Aside from the 30-Day Satisfaction guarantee, they have a Price Matching Guarantee as well. 1st in Coffee has a low price and if you see a coffee maker from other sites with a lower price, 1st in Coffee can assure you that they can beat the price. More information: HERE.

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