Monday, May 14, 2007

Wordpress Plugin Review

Wordpress Plugin Review

There is a new Wordpress Plugin released by the Internet Marketing Monitor called the IMM-Keywords.

So.. what does this plug-in do?

This was created to give Wordpress users an easy way to add keywords to their WordPress-powered site without the need to modify any existing codes or templates. The plug-in lets WordPress users specify keywords for all new posts and automatically inserts them into the header of the post as properly formatted meta tags. It's an extremely simple plug-in that doesn't require much editing of code or the template tags. Installing it is not a problem too. It is pretty much easy.

If you are a person who pretty much cares about your site rank, you would know it is pretty much a wonderful plug-in. This thing would be a great help to improve a blog's page rank.

It is compatible to Wordpress 2.1. It has the option to supply "default" keywords to be applied to dynamic or special pages. If ever you forget to put commas between keywords, the plug-in steps in and does it for you. It integrates with WordPress admin making the plug-in seem like a natural part of WordPress.

If you want to get more information about IMM-Keywords: Check HERE *to download as well*

This one is a new release and may have a couple of room for improvements. I'm sure their next version would come up with something better than the first and it would empower your website's page rank more.

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