Friday, May 11, 2007

Digital Frames

We all know that digital cameras and camera phones have become a normal part of our lives, replacing the old school films... and yes, it saved us all the worry of collecting films and developing it... when now we can store it in our memory cards and instantly upload it on our computers and online for everyone to see.

We can only view the pictures once it is developed during the old film days. Now, we can view them through our digital cameras or camera phones.. or call the attention of the rest of our family to take a look at the computer and open hundreds of digital pictures without the hassle of printing.

The idea of frames and photo albums at home has become part of our lives, as well. But, a hundred of wonderful snapshots would mean dozens of photo albums and frames. Would it be nice if a hundred happy and memorable shots make way into ONE FRAME? and a digital one at that.

Digital Frame is a nice idea and a great innovation of the world today. You don't have to worry about having a snapshot developed and then buy a frame or a photo album for it. All you have to do is take a photo or a movie... switch your memory card into the digital photo frame and voila! :) For a more detailed instruction, check the information about having the digital picture frame work: HERE.
Now all your happy snaps will be constantly seen all around your home. It comes in different sizes(7" - 10") and designs. It has a 3 months warrantee.

What a nice innovation.... I just knew about digital frames now when I visited Digital Framez's site. ... and it seems soo good and a great idea. I wanna have my own digital frame one day.

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