Friday, February 2, 2007

Small Town - Lawrence Block

Summary and Review of Small Town by Lawrence Block

Category: Books
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Author: Lawrence Block

Wooo! Finally finished the book.

The story in this book happened after the 9/11 attack. Setting: Modern New York.

This book involves an “insane” serial killer. Well, all serial killers are insane right? I mean, they think unnaturally… and they feel they are justified whenever they are out to do the kill. Well, certainly this one has his own justification.

The first person to appear in the story is Jerry Pankow a gay man who cleans gay bars every morning to make his own living. He also cleans some apartments and they are the “private clients”. Obviously, this person gets to clean the apartment of the first victim who appeared to be strangled, but he did not know about it yet, since he thought she was just sleeping. Sooo he cleaned the crime scene.. which was typically his job right?

The gay man Jerry Pankow wasn’t accused, because no evidence was pointed against him but instead a writer named John Creighton was suspected to be the killer. Most of the evidences pointed against him, because he was basically the last person who was seen with her the night it happened. Apparently, he forgot anything about her because he was drunk… which is not a good excuse right? Of course not.

This story actually just ruminates around a few bunch of people who are actually related to each other.

Maury Winters is the lawyer of John Creighton, a friend of Susan who owns an art gallery.(you’d know her when you read the book. And i tell you.. I don’t like her role. Too crazy Haha). Maury Winters has a private detective named Jim Galvin (good role since he helped John Creighton’s case be dismissed of an evidence he found out when the story is about to reach it’s end) who has a friend who was a police commisioner of New York named Fran Buckram who was later involved with s**ual activities with Susan. Susan was also involved with another writer named Jay McGann and Lowell Cooke(publisher) who both have wives.

There are a few relations to them but it would spoil the whole book.

This book is haunting and thrilling at the same time. It tells a lot about the different kinds of “ART”. How people express themselves to ARTS. Painters through their painting, killers would then be involve with the art of blood and war.

Nice… but there are some parts that are not good for kids. PG 18 uhm make it R18.

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