Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mango Charlotte

A cake made at Bistro Rosario located at Torres Street, Davao City.

This is my favorite cake. (wow, I’m being biased about my reviews!) but, really among all the cakes that I have tasted this one is the BEST!

This cake has real mango in it (yes, almost like a mango float but even better). Not too sweet, just creamy and milky. Just enough, you might say compared to conventional cakes.

Really yum yum! Costs Php 500.00. Not bad, after all it’s tasty and you would want to eat more.

This Charlotte cake has different varieties. It comes in Ube (4/5), Pandan(3/5 - because of the coco they placed with it. I dont like coco… but anyone who loves coco would like it), Durian (4/5), and Blueberry (3/5).

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