Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Moment To Remember - 2004

Nae meorisokui jiwoogae - Korean Title

Category: Movie

Genre: Drama / Romance

Director: John H. Lee

Writer: Yeong-Ha Kim / John H. Lee

Producer: CJ Entertainment, Sidus Pictures

Cast: Woo-sung Jung, Ye-jin Son, Jong-hak Baek, Sun-jin Lee, Sang-gyu Park, Hyi-Ryeong Kim, Bu-Seon Kim.

This movie was based on a Korean TV series Pure Soul.

Su-Jin is exiting an affair with a married man, and Chol-Su is working for Su-Jin's father as a foreman, and when they finally meet for the second time, Su-jin felt it was something that's meant to be.

Their love is affectionate although the guy tends to be a cynic sometimes while Su-jin is ever the sweet, fun-loving girl and then they both got married and their love is almost too good to be true... Su-Jin suddenly contracts Alzheimer's disease which runs in her family, and the tragic struggle they face both is threatening and at the same strengthening their love....

It's about falling in love, letting go of past mistakes, starting a new life, losing one's memory, dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer's.

Made me cry big time! Its amazing how Koreans are experts at pulling your heartstrings. The cinematography was great and I love how they focused on the moments together with the couple and it makes everything so special and endearing.

Both actors did a very good job. You get attached to the two and their sweet moments together. *sigh**swoons*

Lines I Love:

Cheol-Su: When a memory's gone.... so is the soul.

Su-jin's mom: A haircut doesn't help you forget the past. Time will heal everything.

Su jin's dad: To forget easily is a gift. Let go of your past mistakes and make a fresh start.

Cheol-Su: If we live together, will we die together too? People come and go. Thats life.

Su-jin's Dad: Carpentry is a holy vocation. You know what's the difference of a real carpenter and the sham ones? The sham ones always complains at the shop. The real ones, sees the texture. What's the texture? Same thing with people. You were all wrong. I saw your texture.

Su-jin: Forgiving isnt that hard. It's like giving the person a plain old room. A true carpenter is the one that can build his home with a heart. But in this house that you built, you gave all the rooms away to your mother and your hate. Forgiving is giving your hate just a little room in your heart.

What good is love if i'll forget everything?
Cheol-Su: I'll remember everything for you! If you forget everything, ill pop out from nowhere and hit on you everyday. It's like permanent dating.

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Terry said...

A lot of good films come out of Korea, ex. Oldboy, The Good The Bad The Weird, etc.
I dont know what it is, but they maintain their inventiveness, and I enjoy it.