Friday, April 2, 2010

The Ice Limit - Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Category: Books

Genre: Thriller / Sci-Fi

Author: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Overview and Review of the Ice Limit written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. :)

This book began about Rene Masangkay(a Filipino) finding the largest meteorite, entombed in an island called "Isla Desolacion" near Cape Horn in Chile for millions of years but died in the process. This attracts the attention of a billionaire, Palmer Lloyd, a collector of many rare, valuable things who was also building a museum.

Lloyd then hires Eli Glinn, the President of EES (Effective Engineering Solutions, Inc.) to move the meteorite from Chile to the US. It will make the history, because at 4,000 tons it will be the heaviest object ever moved by mankind. Glinn, was perfect for the job since he is known for never ever failing. The effort to move the meteorite will be the most expensive, secretive and sophisticated salvage mission ever. Lloyd also got Sam Mcfarlane a meteorite expert to get it on the project. Since he was Rene Masangkay's ex partner.

Along the way a disgraced Chilean navy officer is out to stop the expedition, while a brutal Pacific storm is raging toward them.

What is the Ice Limit?
The Ice Limit - is where freezing water around Antarctica meet the warmer northern waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. Oceanographers call it the Antarctic Convergence. It's known for impenetrable fogs and of course extremely dangerous ice.

I enjoyed the book in between. I have been so busy it took me a long time to finish this. But, nevertheless it was interesting and thrilling. It was well-researched, you'd get to know things about Engineering, Geology, and all that. It's a great scientific adventure of high seas, high risks and high thrill. This one is not to be missed. :)

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