Friday, April 2, 2010

Echelon Conspiracy - 2009

Category: Movie

Genre: Mystery / Information Technology

Director: Greg Marcks

Writer: Michael Nitsberg, Kevin Elders

Tagline: Security comes at a price...

Cast: Shane West, Edward Burns, Ving Rhames, Jonathan Pryce, Tamara Feldman, Yuriy Kutsenko Surgey Gubanov, Martin Sheen, Ilan Goodman, Todd Jensen, Steven Elder, Sandra De Sousa.

Overview and Review of Echelon Conspiracy Directed by Greg Marcks.

Max Peterson(Shane West) is a techno-computer engineer who travels around the globe to install security systems on mainframe computers. In Bangkok, Thailand on one of his jobs he receives an anonymous gift: a state of the art mobie phone which sends messages that gives him insider trader information.

Max soon finds himself pursed by hit men, the casino's security chief, and an FBI operative. Who is sending Max messages? Previous recipients of similar windfalls have all winded up dead. After a couple of close scrapes, Max realizes he's in danger, so he tries to find out the root of the conspiracy - which seems to have access to every security camera in the world - before he's the next victim.

I enjoy conspiracy theories but I think this pretty much looks like a rip off of "Eagle Eye" and "I-Robot". This is my first time to see "Shane West" after the "A Walk to Remember" movie. He played the part well. This movie is not exactly that good "story wise" but well, it is entertaining alright.

If you like technology coupled with spies and conspiracy theories this is one movie you can watch. :)

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