Monday, June 11, 2012

The Road to Gandolfo - Robert Ludlum

Category: Books

Genre: Comedy

Author: Robert Ludlum as Michael Shepherd.

This is a funny story about General MacKenzie Hawkins whom they dubbed of as "The Hawk", a military legend who seems to be popular. On an assignment he defaces an important Chinese memorial while being drugged by a Chinese general and in return was asked by the Chinese for the Americans for him to be kicked out. As revenge, he plots to kidnap the Pope, with a ransom of one dollar for every Catholic in the world.

It was ridiculous in most parts. And the two characters were good combo. Sometimes, one of them getting wee bit crazy. It is still intelligent. But I got confused with the ending, really. Anyway, it has quite interesting characters specially MacKenzie's wives, it's a refreshing, comedic side of Ludlum I'm reading. 

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