Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cathedral - Nelson Demille

Category: Books

Genre: Spy / Thriller

Author: Nelson Demille

Demille is one of my favorite authors in the "spy genre". I first read his book "Charm School".

The Cathedral, is a book that is hard to put down! I have to stay awake to get to the next chapter. Finally, I finished it!!! I actually read this twice, the first one wasn't successful since I couldn't quite get the drift so I didn't finish it. The second time, I began to get the gist of the story.

It's a tragic, romantic story between a revolutionary IRA couple Brian Flynn and Maureen Malone. And both their love for their country - Ireland and it's people. It tackles on an issue between the IRA (Irish Resistance Army) and their hatred for the British concentration camps. A cycle that never ends.

Maureen got burned out and got out of the group but was always reminded by Flynn: "Once in, never out". Which haunted the rest of her life, she took a different path to free their people who are in concentration camps... and began making alliances with the Brits, publicly during St. Patrick's Day in New York.

Brian Flynn and a group of IRA  who has family and friends inside those camps they want to free decided to take hostage 4 people (The Cardinal, Father Murphy, Baxter(British) and Maureen), and took hold of the Cathedral which they plan to blow up with a deadline.

One thing about novels involving the Irish... there's this sense of the occult and always always with a hint of magic and mystery. Because webbed in the story may be considered as a logical point of view, can be Flynn's imagination... but to them who believes in supernatural phenomena.... then it's something different. ;) (something involving the ring and the drive Flynn has).

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