Friday, June 15, 2012

Elizabeth 4: Downstairs, Upstairs - Francine Pascal's

Category: Book

Creator: Francince Pascal's

Elizabeth is in big trouble. She might get deported back to America. Unless someone from the Pennington mansion would stand up for her. But, who would do it? Everybody seems to hate her.

Well, it's kinda off reading Book 4 without reading the first series. But, I wanted to revisit the characters I've grown to love ever since I was a kid. And this is a continuation of their ongoing journey. And this time, my very favorite... Elizabeth! :)

Anyway, it didn't come off as exciting like it did before... but still it's a good journey. :) Albeit a very short one. :) Uhmm very typical as well. Book afficionados, won't really fancy this. But, kids? They would. Oh and High School too! :)

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