Thursday, June 7, 2012

City Hunter - 2011

Category: TV Series

Genre: Action / Suspense / Romance

Director: Jin Hyuk

Writer: Soo Jin Choi, Eun Kyung Hwang

Cast: Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Kim Sang-Jung

Lee Yeung Su applies and got accepted at the Blue House for the National Communication Department with a hidden agenda. He was selected because of his prestigious background having been graduated from MIT. He meets Kim Nana who works as a bodyguard at the Blue House, and they begin to fall for each other. 

I enjoyed this whole series. It's actually my first time to watch a Korean drama with all the action and mystery. Although, City Hunter Lee Yeung Su has the same qualities with Batman. While the Prosecutor Kim Jeong Su, got similarities with TwoFace albeit keeping his morale intact.

Anyway, it was unique all on it's own, because it also mixed romance, and family life in between and the issues between politics and corruption. Of course it never fails to place the Korean flair of comedic scenes and equally heartbreaking ones.

Sometimes, it tends to be disturbing, as trust and loyalty issues are being resolved.

The last two episodes turned out to be quite exciting, and both unpredictable and predictable, but still can make you wonder how it would turn out in the end. The ending was quite sad but somehow something  relieving as the cycle of revenge finally comes to an end.

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