Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scarlet Women - J.D. Christilian

Summary & REVIEW of Scarlet Women by J.D. Christilian

Category: Books
Genre: Mystery & Fiction
Author: J.D. Christilian

New York at 1871. The about-to-rise buildings and the slums living in New York and the Bronx and in Manhattan.

In New York where the pure and impure, the lady and the whore, the gentleman and the gang member all mixed up. It tells about the gangsters, the looters, the thieves, the immigrants forced to do the stealing and any illegal stuffs due to poverty. Where kids watch in awe and amazement as they wait for something to steal by the wharf.

In New York where the police and the rule of Tammany is coupled with graft and corruption. Where all the people who does illegal things just pay the cops and the cops get their own share and the illegal business can still go on with the protection of the cops.

The life in New York where women are not supposed to be in “business”. It’s also about the rise of the women’s movement… where women are about to stand up. The lady and the poor-girls who wants to improve their lifestyle.

A thriller, it tells about the murder of Alice Curry/Olcott and Moe Saul. Pretty nice. Good characters. Nice and entertaining.

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