Saturday, January 27, 2007

Highgate Rise - Anne Perry

Summary & REVIEW of Highgate Rise by Anne Perry

Category: Books
Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Author: Anne Perry

First few chapters seem boring but as you read on the characters would intrigue you. Different views of the Characters in this Victorian Mystery would captivate you and thus would entice you to read on.

The first setting was about a fire that burned the house of the Shaw’s and thus killing the woman named Clemency Shaw the wife of Stephen Shaw a doctor. They later found out that an arsonist did it. There are a lot of possible killers and Anne Perry is soo good as to concealing the real killer. You would really wonder who did it…. and would never know till the story ended.

Quotes I like:

Charlotte: “But we all need our heroes, and our dreams - real or false. And before you destroy someone else’s dreams, if they have built their lives on them, you have to put something in their place. Before, Dr. Shaw. Not afterwards. Then it is too late. Being an iconoclast , destroying false idols - or those you think are false - is great fun, and gives you a wonderful feeling of moral superiority. But there is a high price to speaking the truth. You are free to say what you choose- and probably this has to be so, if there is to be any growth of any ideas at all- but YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAST HAPPENS BECAUSE YOU SPEAK IT…

But you spoke it without thinking, or caring- and walked away. You thought truth was enough. It isn’t. Josiah at least cound not live with it-and perhaps you should have thought of that. You knew him well enough- youve been his brother-in-law for twenty years.

You had the power to see, you had the words, the vision-and youknew you were stronger than he was. You destroyed his idols, without thinking what would happen to him without them.”

It’s a good story about the Christian Hypocrites during those Victorian times. People are too afraid of the new ideas, thoughts, ways, actions. They say one thing and secretly do another. Typical church hypocrites. They have a lot restrictions… they dont encourage anything new… because they thought it was destructive.

There are a couple of people who stands out and says what they think openly without having to think what society would think of them. Although, one must really consider the RESPONSIBILITY of saying those words.. since one does not know it might ruin one man’s dreams. One must say it with care…. nice actually.

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