Sunday, January 28, 2007

Private Scandals - Joanna Wayne, Judy Christenberry and Tori Carrington

Summary and Review of Private Scandals

Category: Books
Genre: Love
Author: Joanna Wayne, Judy Christenberry and Tori Carrington

3 stories/authors conspired in one book.

  1. Shadows of Her Past by Joanna Wayne
  2. Involves a murdered senator in a hotel room with a woman named Jessica Lewis who was drugged. Jessica then met the brother of the Senator named Conner. Conner is the typical i-dont-care-about-women guy in every romance novels. And obviously the two fell in love with each other while working out who really killed Conner’s brother… even though the original suspect was Jessica.

  3. Family Unveiled by Judy Christenberry
  4. The writer seems to write more about families being reunited as what her introduction says. It’s about a woman named Mrs. Vivian Shaw (another Shaw bites the dust) who hired a privated investigator named Wil Greenfield to look for her adopted daughter’s(Vanessa) five siblings. Pretty nice story. Entertaining and really home-y. Since it’s about family and of course with a tinge of romance. :)

  5. Sleeping with Secrets by Tori Carrington
  6. This is the most sensual book among the three. I mean, the first has its own take but not as explicit as this one. O_o. I was debating whether I should continue or not. Anyway, the ending was pretty good. I mean, the start was really not the way I expected it.. but the ending was pretty good. Specially, the way the guy(Gabe Wellington) proposed to the girl(Rachel). I have to give a hand to Tori for the ending. ‘Twas sweet.

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