Monday, September 15, 2014

Boses - 2008

Category: Movie

Genre: Drama / Indie

Director: Ellen Ongkenko- Marfil

Writer: Rody Vera, Froilan Medina

 Cast: Coke Bolipata, Julian Duque, Ricky Davao, Meryll Soriano, Cherry Pie Picache and more

I saw a trailer of this indie film over TV some 2 weeks ago, and it got me curious. I never wouldve imagined that I would be meeting the Director and 2 actors of the said movie right here in Davao City.

I got an invitation for a film showing over at Cinematheque, and since two offices invited me, Tuburan Institute and Happy Team(Councilor Avila of Davao), I grabbed the chance. But, I didn't realize the title was "Boses". All I saw at the invite was: "The Heart Speaks", cocktails and live violin by The Cast.

And I was pleasantly surprised to realize it was a film showing of Boses.

This film is about a child who is being abused by his Dad...

I find this movie simple yet very moving and it sure is worthy of your time. It has multi-dimensional aspects of the film from child abuse, to child welfare, how to run a shelter, isolation rooms, bullying, suicide, dreams, family, father & son, depression, music, therapy and so on and so on. There are so many points of discussion. It's educational. More films like these should be made. :)

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