Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kangaroo Coffee Company - Davao City

Category: Cafe

City: Davao City

I wanted to visit this coffee shop ever since it opened... however it was only today that I finally got to experience it.

It's basically more than three years old already. Woot.

I liked the idea because on the outside I could see it has some books. However, it's different when one is in there.

I liked the fact that you can probably stay there for quiet some time and not order while waiting for a friend. It's not a "hurried" place, meaning you can stay long to study. It has two ideal area  I would have preferred to sit however, the occupants took their time and didn't leave until after an hour or so.

My friend told me they have a lot of meals. But, was disappointed to see a few sets and were only served for certain hour.

I liked that you can add additional ice cream on top of your frappes though. I liked the nachos 7 layered dip as well. And their nachos too!
They have limited pastries, and pica pica's too. But, a lot of tea-choices and drink choices.

I don't think it's a place you go to when you are hungry :P But a good place to go to for snacks and to chill out.
nachos 7 layered dip.

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