Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Once Upon Stilettos - Shanna Swendson

Category: Book

Genre: Chick Literature

Author: Shanna Swendson

The life of Katie Chandler is now purely magic - literally. After quitting a drab job with a monster boss, Katie found herself becoming an executive assistant at MSI (Magic, Spells and Illusiions, Inc.) and she has seen more than enough of magical induced moments. But, Katie is no wizard, but has a unique gift called "magical immune". However, with this series, she begins losing her immunity because someone's got a different plan for MSI and the whole magical community, and the only way to fulfill those evil plans was to mess up with Katie Chandler whose done nothing but thwart all those evil deeds.

This is a good second part... and would make you go "kilig" with the Katie-Owen team-up and the partners of Gemma and Marcia who used to be frogs *hint hint*.I love the metaphors... and how it's a light but very funny read. I love the adventures. :)

Photo Source: Goodreads

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