Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cafe Demitasse - Davao City

Category: Cafe - Coffee Shop

Well, I've been frequenting this cafe the past few months with my Liwanagila peeps and zee Imaginals :)

We fancied using their function room which can be around 2K for 2 hours and it's consumable for our meetings. :)

They have awesome service! I specially liked their super friendly staff and would make you want to go back.  Their vanilla shake is powdered.. it's a bummer for vanilla milkshake lover like moi. But, it's all cool :)

Yummeeeh!  The food choices!!! It caters to all palette's and they are not substandard.

From pizza, pasta, to beef, pork, chicken, fish meals, desserts, frappes, smoothies, yogurt, tea, they even serve san mig light :) So, if you have friends who likes different food and can't seem to agree, I'm sure they'll find something they'd like to order here. 

My favorite here is the Bannoffee Pie.... I usually treat out of towners to this place ...They also serve a very unique cake called "Halo Halo Cake" and they serve it with ice cream! Nomnom!

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