Monday, April 8, 2013

Mister Kabab - U.P. AyalaLand Techno Hub

Category: Restaurant

City: Quezon City, Philippines

So, in one of our business trips, our Area Sales Coordinator took us to a Mediterranean Restaurant @ U.P. Techno Hub called Mister Kabab, which was recommended by one of the Network Leaders in the area. :)

It was one of the unique meals we've had, since we always settle for more known restaurants rather than trying out something new in the area. Great dining experience, and yes, it made me miss Madjid's back in Davao. This one is classier compared to Madjid :)

I got myself a Beef Kabab :) A yogurt drink would've been good with this but we opted for a Halo Halo in another restaurant so I did not get to taste their yogurt drink.

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