Sunday, November 6, 2011

Summer's Child - Luanne Rice

Category: Book

Genre: Romance

Author: Luanne Rice

It has been nine years since "sunny" Mara Jameson disappeared from her seaside Connecticut hometown. Every year their town newspaper would headline the day she disappeared. Eventhough the husband was questioned, foul play was never charged and her disappearance remained a mystery. For nine years, two individuals are still affected by Mara's disappearance - her grandmother named Maeve, and Patrick Murphy, a retired police detective whose obsessive search for Mara's case destroyed his marriage

It's a book about reunion, unconditional love and of miracles, which is often the case for Luanne Rice's books. It's a murder mystery with family values, about mothers and daughters supporting each other... and protecting each other... of course with a dash of romance and commitment to love.

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