Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Roadhouse Cafe

Category: Restaurant

Location: SM Davao City and also in Bukidnon

I first ate here last January 16, 2008. Been eating there ever since.. :) once every 2 months?? But, lately only when we have friends and guests and we have extra time to go to SM do we dine here.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Davao. :)

I love their Mango Pandan Dessert. And you better order their sizzling pochero! For the veggie afficionados, you gotta try the Pinakbet. Great service too. Ambience, gives you a cozy familial feeling.

Roadhouse Cafe is located at SM 1st floor in front of National Bookstore in Davao City.

1 comment:

Coleman said...

My snooty.. funny side will snicker that the meat looks like roadkill.

Hey, why don't I just start a highway resto named just that "ROADKILL CAFE"