Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Last Time I Saw Paris - Elizabeth Adler

Category: Book

Genre: Drama / Romance

Author: Elizabeth Adler

When Lara Lewis turned forty-five she began to feel like she lost herself and she is becoming a miserable woman day by day. Even more so, now that she's forty-five. She looked in front of the mirror, asking herself: "Where did you go?" Her relationship with her husband of twenty-five years is also hitting rock bottom as she realized that her husband is ignoring her day by day.

For their anniversary she booked a second honeymoon trip with Bill (her husband), to relive the moment they were married. But, discovers that Bill is having an affair with his secretary.

Lost, and miserable..... will she finally discover the real Lara that was slowly disappearing?

With the help of friends, she begins to take a step. It's a dramatic story, however you'd enjoy the scenic reads as Elizabeth Adler takes us to Paris in this tale. Not Adler's best novel but it's okay... I think its Adler's attempt to make a simple story. :P

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