Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aleph - Paulo Coelho

Category: Book

Genre: Literature / Drama

Author: Paulo Coelho

This book describes the journey Paulo Coelho took from March to July 2006 via the Trans-Siberian Railway to meet his readers across Russia. Coelho had mentioned that this has been one of his most personal novels to date. It starts with Coelho asking his master "J" about his struggles and the spiritual crisis he is going through and he feels stuck in his spiritual growth.This is also similar to the beginning of his previous work: The Valkyries.

I finished reading this while listening to Tomatis (an audio therapy I am taking).

It's an interesting read this time about his journey to the past. And its not just about the past which happens in the current life but of something regarding a previous lifetime, that still haunts him. It's about the mystical term called the "Aleph", a Jewish Kaballah mystical term. It mixes different spiritual traditions as always with a Coelho.

This book also makes me want to go on an outward journey on my own to make my inward journey unfold! The question... where to? :P

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